Sunday, June 17, 2012

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 I have to say that I am truly blessed by my amazing husband. I don't brag on him as much as I should, but he is amazing! He is the best husband to me, and he is a super daddy to Maggie Claire. He comes home from work, lets Mags climb all over him, and enjoys every minute of it. I can't be more blessed! 
 Maggie Claire is REALLY into shoes right now, When it's time to leave, she makes sure everyone has their shoes on before we walk out the door. When we get home, she makes sure everyone takes their shoes off. When we are home throughout the day she wants to wear "booooots" in the summertime. Then occasionally she puts on Mike's shoes and tries to walk in them. She says, "dada shoes, dada shoes, dada shoes!!" It's funny how much she loves shoes. {she gets it from her grandmas, i'm sure}
 When I married Mike, he knew I would be dragging him to the beach, and as I'm walking behind him taking this picture, I couldn't help but smile. Best dad and hubby award right here!!! ;)
 Nothing is better than hoping up on daddy's lap for some ice. {if you want mags to come sit with you, offer her ice, she will come}

Jumping and swinging with Daddy is fun too! 

 Thanks babe for being the best daddy to Maggie Claire, and the best husband to me! We have lots of surprises for you today, and we hope you love them!!!! 
Happy Father's Day!!!
love, Maggie Claire


aimymichelle said...

what a sweet family you have

Dreams Do Come True said...

I am now following your blog. I found it over at Mrs. Pate Writes

Would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like.

Dreams Do Come True

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