Wednesday, August 10, 2011

it's been a while...

Well, it's been 2 weeks since I've blogged! We've been super crazy around here, ya know moving into our house, trying to get settled in, Mike was at youth summer camp, and we just got back from a week vacationing in California with my wonderful inlaws. Saying we were a little busy would be an understatement! hehe. Well, here are some fun things that I've been wanting to blog about... I started this post before we left for California, but I never finished it... enjoy! :)

My new beach hat! I have been wanting one of these big floppy straw hats for a while, and when this one was on sale at a beach shop in CA, I snatched it right up! I love it! :) This was on our anniversary, August 3rd, after we hung out at laguna beach for some fun in the sun.
This little summertime baby is just like her mama, she loves popsicles! In the afternoons, I've been taking her outside to play in her baby pool and I let her share a popsicle with me. She loves loves loves it! She also turned 10 months this week! gasp... she is growing up too fast! :)
Since she turned 10 months old, I began planning her 1st birthday party! It's going to be cupcake/polkadot/zebra theme... and it's going to be FUN! I got these adorable cupcakes in the mail last week as a taste tester for Mags party! They are from Anita's Sweets & Treats and they are too cute! On top of all the cuteness, they are so delicious! You should go check her out here!
Along with decorating our new house, we went to Ikea while we were in CA to check out some things we want to get for our house like a desk/workspace for me, a tv stand for our tv that we haven't even bought yet, and I found this adorable laptop support that I want to get! The closest Ikea to us is in Charlotte, so we have to plan a day to go there and shop, hopefully sometime soon!
garden flag- since becoming a homeowner a little over 2 weeks ago, I am on a buying frenzy. I love getting little things for my house. I've been really wanting a cute garden flag. They had a huge selection at the craft store the other day, but nothing really stuck out to me to buy. So I started searching online. How cute is this one? The tutorial is over at the vintage qwen. She seriously does the cutest stuff and has inspired me to possibly make a garden flag!

iced animal cookies- you know I love me some target. well, when these pop up in the dollar section, you know I get some! hehe. Mike was out of town the week before we went to CA and I was just sitting in bed on my computer eating them! bad habit- good thing he's not gone very often! ;) Speaking of Target... I had no idea there were Targets with starbucks in them?!?!?! When we were in California, I walked into Target and HELLO! There was a starbucks! Apparently this is normal for some people, but not in Charleston! I have to drive out of the way to get to a drive through starbucks. Life would be easier if I didn't have to get Maggie Claire out of the car to go to starbucks, but when it's attached to our favorite store.... AMAZING! :)


Hilary Lane said...

Girl! You have been deprived! I can't believe MB has a Sbux in our Target, but yours doesn't!

Mandy Santos said...

Not only in Target, but in the grocery store too! There's nothin like grocery shopping w/ your favorite latte!! My shopping experience has taken on new levels here- & we get nice treats when the kids are well-behaved. I'm sure Charleston will discover it eventually. :-)

Tiffany said...

So here's my list of thoughts:
Hat- so beyond cute, and I'm jealous. I used to have a black one and EVERYONE made fun of me for it

Ikea-I'm in love, but they have very bad coffee.

Flag- Love it, and I don't even like flags!

Birthday Party- I'll let you know our new Charleston address so I can get my invite...

Targets- I'm so sorry you've been so deprived. Not only do all Three of our close Targets have SBux but, our HT does too!!

Love you!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the feature girl! And with such cute things! Love the hat and that it's pink! I'm dying to go to an Ikea!! Closest one to me is Texas! I can't wait to see your cuties party!! And what?! Not all Targets have a Starbucks!! It should be a law right?

Thanks for entering my giveaway!! Means a lot to me!! Good Luck!

carissa said...

i don't even drink coffee but agree that target+starbucks combos are pretty cool. when i moved here, there were hardly any targets let alone zero starbucks in them, i about died. : )

you are so cute in your pink frilly hat. it's totally you!

julie said...

I think you are crazy about pinks.Love the hat.
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