Tuesday, August 23, 2011

does summer have to be over?

I started a new "nanny/caregiver/babysitter" job last week. Can you tell I'm having trouble what to call my new job? hehe. It's 3 days a week, but it's 10 hour days 730-530, so it's a full time job. The little boy {he's 6 months old} comes over to our house so it has been great and so nice because Maggie Claire can stay on her schedule and nap in her crib. I'm just so blessed to have off on Wednesdays & Fridays! Especially because Friday is Mike's day off, so we declare it
"friday family funday" along with a lot of other families who work at Seacoast.

Since I started this new job we have had less time to soak up the sun at the pool or beach, but are still trying to as much as possible. On Friday, we set up Maggie Claire's baby pool in the backyard and let her play in it. She is just like her momma and loves to be outside. Can't you tell? She loves to cheese at the camera...
I really would like to go to the beach some more before it gets too cool outside, but luckily living in Charleston, you can go to the beach just about anytime up until November! Hopefully this weekend {if the hurricane doesn't hit us}, or next weekend we'll be hitting up the beach. :) What I do love about school starting back is that going to the park is way more fun because it seems to be less crowded. I'll be taking both babies to the park a lot in the fall. :)

Since summer is winding down, the fall brings a whole new season of life that we are starting back up including our Thursday morning Bible study! :) We are doing a Priscilla Shirer study called SEEDS, which I am definitely looking forward to! Also- it's starting to be birthday season! All of Maggie Claire's friends are having birthday parties-starting this weekend, and then it'll be Maggie Claire's 1st birthday in about 6 weeks! I'm trying to prepare myself for this- I am definitely not ready for my baby to be 1 yet. Good thing we still have 6 weeks.

Well, I'm looking at the baby monitor and looks like Maggie Claire is ready to get up and eat some lunch, so I better get back to mommyhood. It's very rare for both babies to be sleeping at the same time, so I was soaking in this blog writing time. Have a great Tuesday everyone! :)

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