Saturday, April 9, 2011

new hairbow & a big smile!

I would like to introduce to you my newest creation, the cupcake hairbow.
I have seen these around online for about a year or so, but I never got around to making one, well, HELLO- I finally made one! A sweet cupcake hairbow for a sweet girl! :) She was too busy playing for me to get a smile from her!
This stage with Maggie Claire is so fun right now. She is seriously so happy all the time! {Well, most of the time!} She is getting to the point where she smiles at everyone who talks to her, and it really is so fun. She is really getting good at her jumperoo right now- she has her mouth wide open laughing as she does it everytime. It really is priceless!

Here are 2 pictures I took of her on Thursday in her cute outfit she wore. We went to sisterhood {my womens bible study group} and then had a quick lunch with Mike at Wendys.
What she's wearing: pink dress from The Children's Place, white w/ polka dots tights from Target, flower- made my me, headband from Princess of Tides!
So cute!
I hope everyone is having a good weekend- we sure are! :)

1 comment:

Kirby and Anna said...

I love all her bows! She is too cute :)

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