Saturday, January 9, 2010

tulsa trip :)

Mike and I made our way home on Wednesday morning from Oklahoma, and 15.5 hours later we made it home, which apparently is a record, because no one that we know of has made the drive that fast it normally takes 17-20 hours for Kevin & Christina or any of their family that has made the dive to and from Tulsa to Charletson!

We had such a blast in tulsa when we were there! We visited our friends kevin and christina harris, and their two little girls: ella & liv. It was such a blessing to visit them because of how much their friendship has meant to us over the past 4 years that they were in Charleston.
Here are some pics from our trip(in no particualr order):

We celebrated ella's 5th birthday with a huge princess party!

I made her a tutu & hairbow to go with a sweater that I got her from Gymboree! She was so cute opening it!

Liv on the tire swing at the farm Ella birthday cake that I decorated for her. I put her princess figurines on it & she thought that was the best thing ever!
Me & Christina got a little crafty with the decorations... we made this adorable sign!
Making cake balls with the girls
Minnie Mouse enjoying her cupcake
Me & Mike with the girls by the phone booth!
{we kinda look like a little family!}

so cute!
me with my two favorite girls!

Movie night w/out the kids!

for some reason the punch totally overflowed everywhere when we put the icecream in! It was so crazy!

Love this one of me & Liv Happy 5th Birthday Princess Ella Joy! You are beautiful & bring joy to my life!
Ella on the tire swing at the farm!

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Christina said...

We had such a great time with you guys! I love those pictures!! I made some cake pops the other day and they turned out great! You have to make them!!! I recommend the short lollipop stick instead of the long one. The long one was a little too awkward. I will send pictures! We just love you guys and are so grateful for your friendship! finally finished the movie too and decided we should write a book!

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