Saturday, December 12, 2009

Show us Your life.... Christmas Decorations!

Here's Mike and myself at the Holiday Festival of Lights with our small group! I love how this picture turned out of us, and I wanted to finally show everyone a pic of my jacket that I got a couple of weeks ago for my birthday! How cute is this jacket?!?!?! Love it! :) Ta Da! Here's our Christmas Tree, and oh it is so pretty! Please excuse all of the colored balls at the bottom of our tree, I was painting them, and that is where I hung them to dry! I didn't realize they were like that in the pic until I uploaded all my pictures, so I'll have to post the final product of my homemade Christmas ball ornaments! {They turned out so cute!} Here are a couple of decorations throughout my shelves, I love the mixture of red & blue! :)

Our little table when you first walk in our apartment!
{This was my little Christmas tree that I had in my room growing up as a kid, my mom would decorate it with me every year! She gave me these really cute circular christmas lights to go on it! I love them!}

Christmas Dishes that I got last year for Christmas, I absolutely LOVE them!
{and the snowman salt and pepper shakers}
Christmas in the bathroom!

Finally.... our cute cookie jar and "Dress me up plate"!

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carissa said...

i love your decor!!! we do have similar colors! your tree is so pretty and big! it definitely makes me want to trade in our charlie brown tree for a big one after christmas for a good deal! thanks for sharing. oh yeah, your towel bows look way cute!

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