Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas sneak preview...

It's been a crazy week... I have been extremely busy decorating for Christmas, doing school work for my last week of class, and now getting ready for my exam and project due, and also getting ready for GRADUATION!!! So I wanted to reveal to those of you who were curious about my tweet last week about getting this package in the mail:

Merry Christmas to Mike and me! :) We got eachother our new Nikon D3000 camera! We bought it on black friday so we got a really good deal, and we decided to do it online because Walmart was offering 20% cash back, so that was awesome! We absolutely love it! We got a special deal and got a camera bag and an extra lens that is 55-200mm zoom! It's so fun to take picture with! I can't wait to use it more so I can get some awesome pics! Here is us with our new camera, {Mike doesn't look as excited as me} lolHere is a preview of our Christmas decorations... taken with our new camera!!! We are still learning all the fun stuff on how to work it well, but it takes really good pictures! My house has been so messy from our busy life, that I haven't taken pictures of my house that is decorated!!! I will this week, I promise, because I can't wait to share with yall all of my colorful Christmas decorations! Plus, I've been painting some awesome ornament balls to complete my tree! :)
NEWS!!!! I'm going to do a Christmas hairbow giveaway, so come and check back tomorrow at my blogstore: to enter to win some Christmas hairbows, and maybe even a customized ornament!!!
**Speaking of pictures, I ordered our Christmas cards this week for FREE because of this awesome site {which most of you know I love} Jenny shared on her site about this awesome deal that was going on over at! They should be here this week, and I am so excited to give them out!
If you are not following Southern Savers, you are missing out on great deals, and not everything is for groceries!! Check her site frequently for great deals going on! :)

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Ashley and Darrell said...

look at you yall are so cute! awesome camera. and congrats on graduating!

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