Friday, November 13, 2009

Peacock Earrings

Yesterday, my mom bought me these cute earrings that I've been telling her about, they are peacock feather earrings, and oh, they are so cute!
When I got home last night and tried them on, I started laughing because they were so big & long that they were hanging below my hair! It looked real funny.
So today, I decided that I was going to trim them. I looked up online if that was normal, and most of the peacock feather earrings that you find to buy are already trimmed.
I had to work up the guts to trim them.... I started snipping away, and they turned out perfect!
Before {not trimmed}:haha, look how long they were!!!

After {trimmed}:They sit right at my hairline.... Much better!

1 comment:

carissa said...

the before pics crack me up!!! it almost looked like you got extensions. i like the trimmed look - they look awesome! you did a fabulous job. super cute!

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