Tuesday, November 24, 2009

happy birthday to me!

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Today is my birthday! I'm so very excited, but I can't believe that I'm 23!!!! I'm getting up there!!! I'm having a joint party tonight with my sis-in-law Brittainy who wasn't in town on her birthday, so we're celebrating!!!! I love when my birthday is here, because that means it's also Thanksgiving!!!! {Every 6th year or so, my birthday is on Thanksgiving!} It's fun like that! My wonderful hubs bought me this REALLY cute jacket for me, so I will be sporting it all day long! I also have a test today, I can't believe that I have a test on my birthday! Well, after that test though {it should be pretty easy} I'm just doing fun things for the day! {Maybe going to target or something?!?!?!} If anyone didn't know, that's my FAVORITE store ever! :)
I did want to say thank you to everyone who gave me wonderful & sweet birthday wishes on my facebook & twitter for me when I woke up! I hope everyone has a wonderful day just like I will! :) Be safe for the holidays!!!

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carissa said...

hope your day has been fabulous! you deserve it!!! i want to see your new jacket - picture please. : )

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