Thursday, November 19, 2009

Adam, Nichole, & The Peanut Factory!

OK, so this past weekend was my cousin's wedding in Conway, SC {for those of you who don't know where that is, it's near Myrtle Beach}. Adam married this beautiful girl Nichole, and I just love her! She is too sweet! They had their reception at the Peanut Factory! It is an old factory that they transformed into a beautiful reception! This was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been too. {Well, mine was first, but this one was different} These pictures don't do justice of how beautiful it really was. There was so many details put into this wedding and reception, and I think that is why I loved this wedding so much! My favorite part of the wedding: they had Marble Slab come to the reception and you could get as much ice cream as you want with any mixins!!!!!! It was awesome, I had birthday cake with cookie dough mixins. YUM!

Vintage Postcards for everyone to write on for the Bride & Groom! They had this awesome Funk band play for the reception, they were awesome, and they had dancers too! {notice the girl in the tassel dress}

Amazing Entryway with live flowers & beautiful chandeliers

Marble Slab station! {Notice the donut hole pile. Nichole wanted that for her cake, but her mom said no, so she got a pile next to the ice cream.}

They covered this part of the wall with bushery & they brought in a live tree for decorations!!!

Part of the room, notice the beautiful paintings brought in, there was about 7 of these painting with glass flowers and live branches on them!

Mama Nell and her girls {me, Blair, Meribeth}. I love this picture, and I love my grandma! :)

I <3 Marble slab ice cream!

beautiful cake!

I love this picture of Mike and me! He is so handsome! <3


carissa said...
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carissa said...

i messup up my previous comment! oops! i will try it again - that looked like the coolest wedding ever!!! i mean, marble slab?!!!! that is so awesome. what an adorable pic of you two!

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