Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Springtime

These 2 pictures were taken about one year ago right after I picked up my wedding dress! I'm here with one of my best friend's (Christina's) daughter, Ella. I love her so much. When I met Christina and Kevin, Ella had just turned 1. Before she could say my name when she was around 2 she started calling me "Ree". It just seemed easier to say as a 2 year old. I've watched her grow, and now you will never know what this 4 year old will say, she is just so cute.
She told Christina one day that she wanted me to come over. Christina said "Why do you want Hilary to come over?" Ella said, "I like Hilary because she has short curly hair like me!" That is why I love her. She is such a dollface!
When I called Christina to come over this day we decided to take some pics of me in my dress, Ella thought I was a princess, and I told her that she would be in my wedding and have a pretty dress like me. She was so excited! She wanted to get in the picture with me, so first she just stood there beside me, and then she gave me a hug. It was priceless, and Christina captured the moment in the picture!
I have this picture in a frame in my kitchen going with my springtime theme.
Happy Springtime everyone! Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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