Sunday, October 23, 2011

the perfect day

I wanted to tell you all about Maggie Claire's birthday. We had the best day celebrating her and just spending time with her :)

Here we are right before lunch. We went to Cane's and we ate yummy chicken, which is her favorite. I love how she has her hands folded in this picture. She is precious and she totally knew it was her birthday, she was acting so giddy!
Big girl, she is so proud drinking her milk in her sippy cup!
Enjoying lunch a little too much.... {notice the foot propped up}
After lunch we went and picked up Mimi Sherry from the airport. She had a lot of birthday surprises for the princess!
We hung out outside, {her favorite thing to do is go "side", which means outside}
Swinging with Mimi Sherry
Before we went to dinner, I gave her a ponytail. It was so cute!
She has the best time pushing her princess car around!
I still can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I think I only cried a couple of times that day realizing that my "baby" is growing up! We had the best day with her. It was perfect!

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