Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines day surprises!

Happy valentines day friends! Today  we got a special valentines day package in the mail from Mike's parents in California! I was so excited... I opened the package outside because I couldn't wait! We got so many goodies & it was just filled with so many fun things! I got some cute dish towels & valentines washcloths, MC got a Barney valentines DVD, a tutu (she has it on in the pictures), a little cardigan, some toys, & we got lots of candy too! I hope everyone is having a fun valentines day like we are! It is a beautiful day! I was wearing a skirt & flip flops outside today! It is 70 degrees!  What a perfect valentines day!

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Courtney & Phil Reynolds said...

I love your blog... I just awarded you the versitile blog award... go here to check it out and pass it along :)

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