Friday, September 17, 2010

photos & a beachball :)

At 35 weeks, I got some maternity pictures done by the same girl who did my bridal portraits! She showed me about 11 photos from that day and I just can't wait to see the rest! Here are a few to show you!!!

This week, I was 36 weeks, and on my weekly emails that I get from said that the baby is the size of a beachball! That is so crazy to me!
Week 36

Baby's Length: 20.25-20.75 in.

Baby's Weight: 6 lbs.

Baby's Size: Beach ball

Pregnancy Tracker: Week 36

My Growing Belly: Month 9

Fetal Development: Month 9

Today(friday) I had my 37 week appointment, still just dilated 1 cm but my effacement moved up to 60%! Tomorrow I'll take my weekly belly shot, because I'm technically not 37 weeks until tomorrow, but my belly was measuring 37 1/2 weeks today! Her heart rate was right at 140 beats per minute, I just love hearing her heartbeat, it's one of my favorite things about my weekly doctor visits! I also got to see a glimpse of Maggie Claire on the ultrasound today, my doc wanted to make sure that MC was head down, and

she is! yay!

So excited to be meeting my baby girl in just a couple of weeks! I only have 22 days to go until my due date, but maybe she'll make her grand entrance before then! My doctor said anytime now she could come! I better get to packing my hospital bag!


aimymichelle said...

those pictures are great!

you are so adorable pregnant. congrats!

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

YOUR BABY DROPPED! You can totally tell from the 35 week to 36 week that she made that transition somewhere between taking those two pictures. How exciting! AH that will be me here in 4 weeks, I CANNOT wait! get your bags packin girl that baby is comin SOON!

Mandy Santos said...

I love your pics Hilary. I can't believe she's almost here!

I've been meaning to tell you that I had a pink tank top similar to your that I wore my whole first pregnancy too- in fact it's what I wore to the hospital. I don't even think it was "maternity" but it sure did get stretched. :)

Hope your last few weeks go quickly for ya and that delivery goes smoothly. Praying for ya!

partialemptynester said...

Cute, cute pictures...such fun!

Diana Gonzalez said...

Im your newest follower I love you pretty pictures! I hope you have your little bundle of joy soon:)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Congrats to you!!!
Have a pretty day!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE that top one!


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