Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I fell into the trap.

I started looking at bathing suits in January. I just cannot even wait until this cold weather will be gone! Two weekends ago, I picked up my local paper to get my coupons, and there it was the beautiful target ad. The big red target sign attracts me no matter where I am at. I was just flipping through it and there was the bathing suit that I have been picturing in my head of what I wanted! I found one very similar to it last year, but I couldn't spend the outrageous price that it was just for the top was $42! That is just crazy to me! I like to get bathing suits for around $20-$30. But Maybe that is why mine always falls apart after a year of wearing it! lol.

Last week when I was in target picking up a few things for the house, I tried it on, and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I didn't buy it though because I thought I would be a little too crazy if I bought my bathing suit in January! It really is adorable! It is black with multi sized polka dots on it, It is a tankini and it has a cute ruffle on the bottom of it!!! I love anything with ruffles on it :) It also has straps that you can attach or detach, because it is strapless, and yes, I will be wearing the straps when we go to the water park! :)

I couldn't get a bigger picture of it, but if you would like to check out my potential bathing suit for summer 2010, here it is @ target.

I'm also not one of those people who "only wear tankinis or one-pieces." But, I work at a summer program with elementary aged kids & we go to the water park 3 days a week and are required to wear tankinis or one-pieces. I actually like the way I look in tankinis, so I don't mind wearing them at all! I don't have to feel like I'm walking around showing my goods to everyone! haha :)

I'm so excited about this warm weather that is coming up in the spring & summer!

I will be totally done with the cold weather after the ski trip{yay! I love skiing!} that we are going on with the youth next weekend!

Have a great rest of the week everyone! :)

3 comments: said...

That's so crazy...I want that bathing suit too! It's just so cute and modest. I always look for a long tankini top, but it's so hard to find. This one is perfect, and I think it's cute in the mom aspect too. I agree with you on wanting to buy it but not due to the time of year, but I had thought of buying it in a size smaller so it would be motivation for me...haha! Anyway, we'll probably end up with the same suit this year, but we rarely get to see each other...which makes me I guess it doesn't really matter. It would be funny to run into each other over the summer, though, wearing the same bathing suit.

Bethany said...

That is hilarious, I bought that swimsuit the other day!! I bought that one and another tankini top. They are for after the baby is born, since it will be a while before I can wear a bikini again. That is too funny. I actually got that same idea-saw it in the Target ad. Wanted to get them before they sold out of my size.

Sarah Ann said...

I LOVe that swimsuit! And... CONGRATS!! I am so excited for you :) and mike!

Sarah (

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