Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the day kept getting worse.

Welcome to a hearing about my miserable and devastating day today!
(It turns out hopeful, don't worry!)
Here is how it started:
Sunday night leaving church we noticed my tire was flat. We put the spare on, no biggy. I wasn't able to take it to Gerald's on Monday because I was working a full day & I needed to go grocery shopping & then off to small group I went! getting over the Don Holt bridge, I notice my tire was slowly becoming flat... I called Mike and was able to pull off the Clements Ferry Rd. exit. A nice man immediately stopped to see if I needed help & he waited for Mike to get there so I wasn't waiting alone, so that was nice. Mike came with a can of fix a flat hoping to restore the original tire, and there was no luck. We didn't have much of a choice either to get it towed, or leave it there over night. A cop showed up to see if Mike and I needed any help, and he wrote us a tag, so the city of Charleston wouldn't tow it.

We chose to leave it there overnight, and go to Gerald's first thing in the morning to get a new tire. We showed up around 9:30 at the car with a new tire and we walked up to a broken window and all my belongings thrown on the side of the road & all in my car. Another odd thing was that passenger seat was laid all the way back. I mean who ever broke in, did they sleep while they were there??? weird.

Mike gets the tire on while I try to cover the broken window with a blanket that Mike had in his back seat & some duct tape. I call the police to get a report & see what they have to say. As we wait we attempt to clean up around the car and try to figure out things that have been stolen.

The first thing we notice was our GPS that was in the console. They took the hookup dealio and charger. We got it for Christmas in 2008. Worth $150.

The next thing I realized that was stolen was my brand new still in the box storage unit. I bought it from Target last week when it was on sale for $40. I sold my desk on craigslist to pay for it. bummer. The reason it was still in my car was because it was so heavy, I hadn't asked Mike to bring it inside for me. It was in the trunk all week & we had moved it to the back seat to get out the spare tire. The last thing that I noticed was stolen was my cute heart necklace from Claire's. (I have it on in the picture below of Mike & I last year Valentines Day.) It had been hanging from the rear view mirror. I guess that who ever stole it might have thought it was worth a lot of money. I was one of my favorites though. bummer.
At this point it started to rain. Luckily they didn't steal any of the three umbrellas in my car. The police officer got all the information from us. Mike realized when we walked up when he tried to pop the trunk & the remote wasn't working. He said that maybe the battery had died from the alarm going off for so long. He pulled his car to face mine & I grabbed the jumper cables. Mike popped the hood and said "This is a bigger problem than just jumping the car." They had stolen the battery! I mean, seriously?!?!? Can it get any worse????

we went to get a battery from the parts store and came back and it was pouring so hard raining, it was ridiculous. it was getting worse too! Mike is trying to get the battery connected (who every stole the battery cut the terminal off, so it was hard getting the new one on). It started to thunder & lighting and rain harder and harder. I'm standing there crying holding the umbrella for Mike and all I could think was that we were going to get struck by lighting and die. Since Mike was having trouble getting it connected, he called his dad and he came to help. We were out there getting this dumb battery to work for 2 hours. finally when we knew it was going to work the alarm scared us all to death & it assured us that it was connected. At that point, we knew that is why they cut the battery connection because who ever decided to bust my window didn't want to get caught. LOSER.

Finally, by 5 o'clock today my my car was totally put back together! PRAISE THE LORD! Plus, the people at Glass masters vacuumed all the glass from my car. IT WAS EVERYWHERE!!!! It was all across the back seat, in the floor, and in the front seat. I even found a piece on my dashboard! I'm so thankful that they cleaned all of that out, and I was so excited when I picked up my car today!

I'm so sad that we had to go through all of that today, but I'm so thankful that there was no more damage on the car. I was feeling guilty about not staying on 526 and parking my car, but I then realized that if I were to leave it there it could have gotten hit and would have cost way more to fix than just a broken window. I 'm also thankful that my car wasn't stolen & that only one window was damaged. I'm so thankful that they didn't steal my pink rainbows & zebra slip ons that were in the back seat! I'm also thankful that no water got inside my car! That is a miracle! Our duct tape/blanket/trash bag combo worked pretty well during the downpour hour!

Here are the expenses that we had to pay for on the car:
battery & terminals-$100.00

On top of this I have a horrible cough. I have been coughing all day long & I've been feeling very fatigue. All the stress from today hasn't helped either. I'm wondering if I need to stay home tomorrow and get better before I go back to work on Thursday. We'll see.

I'm hoping that Wednesday will be a lot better than today. We all have our bad days, huh? Today was one for me! :)


carissa said...

that is certainly a BAD day! i'm so sorry!!! i think you need to rest - emotionally and physically - take tomorrow off!

Hilary Lane said...

That's like something you see on Dateline or 20/20. I remember them doing a special a couple of years ago about people who's cars would break down on the side of the interstate & they would come back the next day & someone had gutted their car - engine, tires & everything. So, I'm glad everything else was still there! I hope you feel better & have a better day!

Amy Prikazsky said...

I just can't even believe all this happened....That's crazy. So sorry you had a bad day:(

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! That is crazy, but I'm glad it wasn't all bad! I can't believe someone actually broke into the car - I would've never thought that would happen!

Icy said...

I know I would've been crying my eyeballs dry! I'm glad everything got fixed and that you still have your car. I think I'd take a week off for that one! hehe

I felt very frustrated when our mailbox got knocked over - it still urks me, but nothing like the day I found out.

Emo prego for the win. ;)


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