Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Elevation '09: EKHO

This past week we did our summer camp that Seacoast has been doing for I think 8 years now! We packed up 8 school buses full of luggage and students and headed down to Camp Awanita in Marietta, SC! It was so awesome! We saw so many students come to know God for the first time, grow in their walk with Jesus, and fall more in love with Him! Words can't even describe how successful it was because we just wanted the students grow in their walk with Jesus!

This was also a cool experience for Mike and I on our marriage. If you don't go to Seacoast Church, one thing that I think is so cool is the response time at the end of the services. During the response time, there is a chance for everyone to come and take communion, and usually it is the pastor and their spouse giving the communion. Well, at Elevation this year Mike and I were able to give communion together to students. It was such a special thing to me that I was able to do it with Mike. Nothing is more beautiful than giving something away to these studnets that represents what Jesus has done on the cross for us. It was such a neat experience for Mike and I.

Also, We had the chance to baptize students together, and that was so amazing! The three pictures below were of three of the girls in my small group at Elevation. It was so cool to participate in this symbolic act of worship which celebrates a new life in Jesus Christ!

Right before the mega relay that we did amazing at! We beat the 6th graders!
We started out with the coolest team flag, and after a while another team stole it, took the banana off, and eventually it got left outside, and the inflatable monkey was destroyed, we bandaged him up for a little while, but he eventually died! It was fun though!
Zeke loves Pastor Mike!

No, those are definitely not cheetos girls! The boys hanging out!
We won the spirit stick and made it into a 7, but then it broke last minute, so the kids made a cross out of it! (We put glitter on it too!)
Our team was the Chiquita Bananas, 7th grade from LP campus!
Services were awesome, the band did such a great job! We sold over 100 goats to feed families in Africa! It was awesome, one they bought one, they could put it on the map!
Roxi and I needed a lot of sugar and caffeine to keep up with all the students, so we splurged at the concessions getting reeses and mountain dew!!!!

Me and my girls after the last night of service:
Having fun in the Lake:

My AMAZING 7th grade small group girls:
Talent Show between campuses: These were our Randy, Simon, and Paula (in that order):
Hummer Rides:

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