Monday, December 1, 2008

Our 1st Christmas Excitement!

I love Christmastime, and I love decorating for Christmas! I was so excited this year to have our own apartment to decorate. I kept on asking Mike when we could start decorating in early November, he then told me that their was a rule that you weren't allowed to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Well, the days kept geting closer, and I finally talked him in to getting our tree (it was in my parents attic, their old one) about a week before Thanksgiving. It wouldn't fit in either one of our small 2 door cars, so we just put it on top!

We FINALLY put the tree up 2 days before Thanksgiving, because we decided that we would be with our families at their houses on Thanksgiving, and the day after, and of course, I would be SHOPPING on black Friday! So we did, I got to use all of my new decorations that I had bought last year on sale after Christmas. Here are some pictures of our tree, decorations, and even some wrapped presents under the tree!
Our Tree

The wreath on our door that I decorated

New cute table runner and centerpiece that I put together

Stockings with our initials on them!

The final tree! It is so pretty and colorful!

The Ornament we got on our honeymoon

Pretty presents and new tree skirt

Christmas in the bathroom!Our mini tree is on the table when you first walk in!More decorations on the Kitchen counter!

I don't have a picure, but we put colored and white lights on our porch! It looks so festive!


Kevin Harris & Family said...

Yeah! I love that you are blogging!

carlynn said...

your spiffy christmas house is wonderful! i just love it!

Melissa Baur said...

Hilary your apartment is soooo cute!!!! Very festive. :)

Anna Baur said...

Your decorations look so festive!!! I still need to come over and check out those lights of yours :)

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