Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas cards!

I love love love doing Christmas cards. I have done a photo card every year since Mike and I were dating{yea, I'm crazy like that!} and I try to make sure everyone who sends us one, gets one too, so bring them on! :)

My fabulous dear friend Jessi designed our Christmas cards this year and I love them! I should have ordered more, because I ran out after getting 1/2 way down my list, so I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas this year by sharing it through my blog and fb! I am off work today until January 2nd, so I will be relaxing and spending time with my family.... and monogramming! {hehe} Maybe I'll be blogging more too these next 2 weeks!

Merry Christmas from the Surratt family: Mike, Hilary, and sweet Maggie Claire :)


Anna & Kirby said...

Cute Christmas card :)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

got yours today! i really love it! your friend designed it so well. i especially liked the fonts your names are in. : ) i'm a font lover. and yes, after the holidays let's hang! xoxo! Merry Christmas!!!

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