Monday, November 7, 2011

soaking in her "big girl" sweetness!

The time just kept getting away from me and I never posted these adorable 12 month photos that I took of Maggie Claire. Today she turned 13 months! This is my last monthly update of her and I am so glad I did these for her first year. I know that I'll always have these posts to come back and look on for all of us to remember! Without twitter, blogging, and status updates on facebook, I wouldn't remember anything! So thankful for amazing technology these days ;)

Now for the cuteness...

Maggie Claire modeling her leopard attire :)
She is full of personality! Sweet & happy as can be!

Her cuteness makes me giggle, complete from head to toe!
12 month stats:
19 pounds 8 ounces
30 inches

Last week when I took her in to the doctor for her ear infection, she weighed 20 pounds 3 ounces. Finally passing the 20 pound mark! ;) She was 12 months and 3 weeks old.

She is completely weaned now from breastfeeding. It was bittersweet the last time I nursed her. We were down to just the morning feeding and the next morning I skipped it, gave her the sippy cup with her whole milk in it. She was upset with me and cried because she new that wasn't in our morning routine of nursing her on our bed. :( She got over it in just 2 days, thankfully, because it broke my heart a little... just another baby step of her becoming a big kid.
Maggie Claire took her first steps last Wednesday! We were at church and she took 4 steps to me. I was so glad I was with her to see them! Ever since then she has been working on walking to us. I think the most steps she has taken total is 5. I'm sure by the couple next weeks or so she will be walking everywhere! We moved her up to the "new walker" room on Sunday in the nursery. I was actually working in that room, so it worked out perfect. ;)

This has been a big month for her! Not only is she completely on whole milk, she also learned to drink out of a straw, and she now has 4 teeth! Two on the top and two on the bottom. More are about to pop out soon- I already see them coming through!

The girl will eat just about anything you give her. She now loves bananas, spaghetti, and chocolate. Yes, the halloween candy stash has been found and I can't keep her away from it! hehe. I only let her have one chocolate bar though!

We are at the early stages of transitioning out of her morning nap. Two mornings a week she doesn't get her nap in , and she doesn't do too bad, but she definitely still needs it. Right now I try to only let her sleep an hour in the morning so she will be fall asleep in the afternoon. It works most of the time. But seriously, she is such a great napper and sleeper at night. I can't complain at all! Even if she doesn't nap, she still stays in her crib, plays with her blanket & bunny and I'll usually give her books to read. {her favorite thing to do}

She LOVES reading books. We wants us to read ALL of her books to her every night. It is so sweet, how much she loves it because when we get done with one, she hands us another one and immediately shows us her "please" sign! too funny.

Maggie Claire, you melt my heart everyday{multiple times a day}, and I just love you so much! You make me and your dad laugh all the time, especially when you talk all your jibber jabber. You have so much to say and you "talk" all day long! You are such a sweet and good girl. You don't like getting your diaper changed, or changing your clothes. Hopefully it's just a phase! You love love love your lovie bunny. You sleep with it, and as soon as I give it to you, you bury your face in it and way to go night night. You are just so precious and as much as I don't want my baby to grow up, we look forward to raising you for the Lord! Thanks for being the best daughter anyone could ever ask for! We love you Mags!!!!
"I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy." Phillipians 1:3-4

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Anna & Kirby said...

OHG- Look at her! cute! cute! cute!!!! I can't believe she's a whole year old!

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