Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chelsie and Robbie's Wedding

Mr and Mrs. Denson
The outside setup!

We were unthawing the frozen punch outside!
The beautiful cake
Cocktail tables
The food table with the awesome flower arrangement!
The final Candy Table setup with my little helper Jack!
Blue and Brown Candy Bar!
A blurry picture during the wedding
Me and Allison before the wedding in the chapel!

The awesome DJs

A quick snap with the bride before they left!Have fun in Jamaica!


Melissa Baur said...

Hilary you did such a great job helping! And your mom and Ms. Tracy. You ladies did excellent! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes you ladies did so great! THe place looked beautful and I got so many compliments! Thanks so much for all the hard work. You, your mom, and tracy worked your hineys off, thank you so much!

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